Sliding doors wardrobes feature different designs, styles, and wood types. There are floor-to-ceiling units, modular systems, and wardrobes designed for bedrooms where the space available is limited.

There are full panel, arch décor, and moulded sliding doors as well as mirrored and glass panel doors. You can choose from mirrored doors with silver frames and frosted borders and doors with silver frames or neutral borders.

Wardrobes are made from different materials, including wood, plywood, and glass. Some wooden wardrobes are framed built in while others are fully built in. Fully built in units come with a back panel, two sides, a top, and a base. Framed built in wardrobes are another option that comes with a floor or a base but no backing panel or sides. The side and back walls can be seen when the doors are opened. This type of unit can be hinged to the front or side of the frame. Sliding doors wardrobes feature a basic frame, fitted sliders, and interior sections. There is no backing panel. All units are professionally manufactured and come in a large variety of colours.

sliding-doors-wardrobeCustomers can choose from classic and contemporary sliding doors wardrobes. The type to choose depends on your room décor and bedroom furniture. Contemporary varieties feature modern and minimalist doors with stylish wood effects, simple lines, and glass and mirror elements. They give an urban, modern feel to every bedroom. The doors come in chic, rich textures and colours and inspirational designs that are perfect for a contemporary bedroom. Another option is to choose a classic wardrobe with sliding doors. They come with full-length mirrors, décor panel doors, and oak effect. This type of wardrobe will add an air of elegance and sophistication to your living space.

Sliding doors wardrobes are functional and will help you to organize your belongings. You can choose from different types of units, depending on your budget and requirements for opening widths and other features. You can get a wardrobe with hanger bars or telescopic hanger bars. The second option is a versatile and practical storage solution for clothing, shoes, and other belongings.

Sliding doors wardrobes can be made to fit into your bedroom space. They are multifunctional and are available in split and single panels. Oriental bars are another option to consider. Plus, you can choose from timber and full panel glass doors and storage options such as drawers, shelves, and a lot more.