Radiator covers or enclosures come in a large variety of designs, finishes, and styles. Some covers are made from unfinished, primed, plain oak and feature grille options and painted finishes. The number of grilled aches varies depending on the height and length of the radiator cover. Other covers come with different grill options and veneer finishes. You can choose from various types of finishes, including Indian Rosewood, light oak, antique pine, natural oak lacquer, and others. If you want to get a made to measure cover, you can choose skirting depth and height. Those who need a valve access cutout can choose valve access depth and height.

Some radiator covers feature an oval that is fixed in position and size. The vertical and horizontal joining bars vary in length and height depending on the cover’s measurements. Wood covers are available in different designs, including oval, cathedral, and classic designs. They are also offered as an unlacquered and unfinished oak veneer, and customers can choose finish and stain that suit their requirements. The edges are color matched and rounded off before being lacquered and finished. The cabinet construction has a top lid, two sides, and a front panel. There is a wide range of veneers to choose from, and you can order a free sample before you choose a finish.

If you like radiator covers with a star and moon design, you can get a cover with a satin barley white or satin finish. Primed only and plain MDF are also options. There are other types of covers to choose from. You can get a cover with horizontal or vertical soft bars or a cover with a removable front. The latter has a front panel and a sub-frame that provide valve access. The panel can be removed when required.