Custom made wardrobes are generally made to any size and shape as to meet the customer’s specifications. This type of wardrobe can be narrower in depth or taller than the average, and it can be even made of three wardrobes joining together.

Custom made wardrobes are painted, oiled, waxed, and sanded, or they can be left only sanded. This way, clients can put the finish of their choice. Producers make wardrobes from different types of wood as well, including oak, mahogany, mango, and other solid woods.

custom made wardrobesMoreover, clients can choose from a variety of styles. They can opt for a rustic style wardrobe, made from oak, a spacious wardrobe, produced from A-grade oak and fitted with shoe storage and large drawers, or a chic style wardrobe, handcrafted from mango and featured with wide drawers and plenty of hanging space.

Custom made wardrobes are fitted with a set of drawers, making them highly versatile furniture pieces. Many wardrobes feature high-quality metal fittings and dovetail joints that ensure they will last a lifetime.

Most furniture producers offering bespoke pieces of furniture can be contacted online, with clients contacting them with their sizes and required specifications. Producers offer no obligation, free-of-charge quotes.

Custom Made Wardrobes – Made to Any Size and Shape
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